For 60 years, Broward College has served as a pathway to the American Dream of equity and economic mobility for more than a million students and their families.

This commitment has been more relevant than ever in this year of unforeseeable challenges and change for our students.

With your philanthropic investment, we are working to meet the needs of students, whether through program support such as providing laptops to increase access for online and remote learning, to scholarship support in helping students continue their studies in the face of increasing financial need, such as facing a reduction in hours at work or loss of employment.

The Broward College community of contributors has made a strong impact on Broward College’s ability to improve access to education, strengthen programs and services, and develop new ways to work with the community to support student success.

2020 Highlights Include:

2,200 donor-funded scholarships awarded to students this year to help them continue their educational journey.

Seahawk Outreach Services (SOS) distributed more than $7.5 million in CARES Act funding to eligible students through emergency financial aid grants, and additional support has been raised through the SOS Fund to support students not eligible for CARES Act funding.

More than $89,000 raised on #BrowardGives for #GivingTuesday to support scholarships and programming.

Broward UP™ reaches more than 2,500 served in Broward UP™ communities, offering free online skills courses and additional opportunities for individuals to upskill and retrain during the pandemic.

Scholarship Support:

Helios Education Foundation announced a $1.2 million philanthropic investment to establish the Helios-BC2FIU Scholarship program. The new scholarship is a collaboration between Broward College and Florida International University to promote equitable outcomes for underserved, minority, and first-generation students. The scholarship provides a seamless pathway to complete an Associate of Science degree at Broward College and transfer with guaranteed admission to Florida International University to complete their baccalaureate degree.

Establishment of the Black Lives Matter Scholarship and the Black Lives Matter Endowed Scholarship Fund.

Creation of a special Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation scholarship to allow students to take a baccalaureate-level nursing course during the summer 2020 session. This was done in response to student clinical experiences being cancelled due to the pandemic, thereby delaying their graduation from the Associate of Science in Nursing program. A total of 37 students took advantage of the opportunity to gain a competitive edge and move toward earning a baccalaureate degree.

Program Support:

Growth of Comfort Closets on campus that serve students in need of hygiene products and supplies. This expansion was funded in part by a $5,000 contribution from Publix for hygiene items and a Holy Cross grant of $10,000 to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to students experiencing food insecurity.

Establishment of Adopt-A-Nurse program that helps student nurses with tuition and fees, uniforms, nursing kits, books and other required equipment. It also provides mentorship and an ability for students to develop a better understanding of their possible career paths in nursing.

Florida Power & Light provided $264,880 to purchase 400 laptops for Broward College’s new rapid credentialing program.


Thank you to all who support Broward College students with the gift of education.