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Black Lives Matter Scholarship

Positive Change for the Future

We all matter in this movement; we all have the power to learn, grow, and find ways to address injustices and help build positive change for the future. By empowering members of our College community to take an active role in transforming society, we can help elevate the importance of #BlackLivesMatter.

The Black Lives Matter Scholarship is available for student leaders who are active in campus organizations such as the Black Student Union, the Minority Male Initiative, and the Be The Change, Social Activism student group dedicated to celebrating the diversity of our black student population.

Make A Lasting Impact

You have an opportunity to assist student leaders at Broward College on their path to bright futures.  Broward College is ranked third in the U.S. in awarding associate degrees to minority students overall — fourth in African American graduates.

Donating to the Black Lives Matter Scholarship is an investment in social justice and equity.” Janice Stubbs, Vice Provost of Student Services at Broward College. The Black Lives Matter Scholarship is one way to make a difference in developing thoughtful leaders in our community who can spur change in creating a better world for us all.