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Monthly Recurring


Your contribution will make a lasting impact.


Monthly recurring giving makes a lasting impact.


Why Monthly Giving?

  • Monthly, ongoing gifts combine the ease of installments with the convenience of automatic renewal.
  • Support what’s important to you, on a schedule that fits your budget and fits your lifestyle.
  • You will create a larger impact through your giving by making manageable payments in an amount that’s right for you.
  • Your monthly gift helps build a predictable source of funding for the Broward College Foundation, which allows us to take a proactive, sustained approach to best supporting students.
  • Monthly giving is cost effective and ensures that your money goes to where it has the most impact. Monthly giving saves administrative costs and it is a sustainable, environmentally-friendly giving option.

We invite you to explore your philanthropic passions at Broward College and the area of impact that means the most to you.

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