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Black Lives Matter Endowed Scholarship Fund

Creating Student Leaders

Creating lasting change in our community for a better tomorrow by supporting minority males in educational attainment and leadership development.

Closing Achievement Gaps

Committed to closing achievement gaps between its male learners, Broward College continues to find new ways to provide sustained support to under-served students. The Minority Male Initiative focuses on supporting completion of goals, as well as, improving persistence and retention rates among these students.

Recognizing that our future heavily relies on the preparedness of this generation to adapt to an ever-changing world, we are dedicated to using the lens of equity as we provide access to a life changing educational experience – a legacy we are proud of and will continue with laser focus to sustain momentum for student success.

Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Black Lives Matter Endowed Scholarship Fund is one way of providing sustained support to help close these gaps between its male learners. This scholarship funding aligns with the Minority Male Initiative by providing scholarship dollars to students in good-standing with this student group.

The Minority Male Initiative aligns with Broward College’s strategic plan in that it provides intervention strategies that ultimately improve student success, and it creates opportunities that allow for greater rates of educational achievement among minority male students at Broward College.