Every February, Black History Month is celebrated across the country. While Broward College holds special celebrations honoring Black History Month, its commitment to the Black community is year-round.

According to the College Factual’s 2021 diversity report, Broward College is in the top 15 percent of the most racial-ethnic diverse of higher education institutions nationally.  Among the College’s approximately 60,000 students, 28.6 percent are Black, and the representation does not end there. The data also shows that 36.5 percent of the College’s faculty identifies as Black. These numbers align with the overall demographics of the county we call home. According to the 2021 U.S. Census, African Americans represent 30.2 percent of Broward County’s residents.

This year, the theme of Black History Month is Black Health and Wellness, exploring the legacy of Black scholars and medical practitioners as well as recognizing their medical contributions and knowledge. Following on the national theme, the College’s calendar of events offers a variety of speaking engagements, workshops, and discussions. Learn more.

Black History Month Scholarship Highlight:

The Black Lives Matter Scholarship supports Broward College students who are pushing forward initiatives to make sure that black voices and stories are represented in our community. It supports our student leaders who are working with the College to develop thoughtful programming that addresses the core issues of the Black Lives Matter movement; building understanding and communication that leads to open and honest learning and discovery for our students to learn how to love each other in unity; how to face adversity, and build leadership skills to usher in a new era of systemic change.

The Black Lives Matter Scholarship is available for student leaders who are active in campus organizations such as the Black Student Union, the Minority Male Initiative, and the Be The Change, Social Activism student group dedicated to celebrating the diversity of our black student population.

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