In preparation for the 60th anniversary of Broward College’s literary magazine, P’an Ku, the team reconnected with former Editor in Chief, Sage Kelly, from the graduating class of fall 2020. Kelly gave a presentation to the new magazine staff on their experience working on P’an Ku and the impact it is enacting on their life now.

“Working for P’an Ku helped me realize that I thrive in collaborative work environments, especially when I’m trying to create,” Kelly said. “The process of bringing an idea to reality is a skill that I really began to understand when working as a team, and it was incredibly inspiring. Everything I learned in P’an Ku has been useful in some way for my client work, schoolwork, and personal projects.”

The magazine’s current editor-in-chief, Cherokee Trimble, remarks on how much positive influence P’an Ku has had, not only on Kelly’s life but how she can utilize it to benefit her own.

“It was wonderful to see how much P’an Ku has influenced Sage’s path of life,” Trimble said. “Hearing from this alum made me excited for my future and realize I should take full advantage of what P’an Ku has to offer.”

Broward College alum, Sage Kelly, not only worked on P’an Ku as the editor-in-chief but also as the layout editor. The magazine’s acting layout editor, Vi Nguyen, shares how helpful Kelly’s advice was as she moves forward in her position.

“As the current Layout/Design Editor for P’an Ku, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to connect and learn from Sage, who had taken on this same role during their time here at Broward College,” Nguyen said. “Meeting Sage allowed me to obtain a wealth of knowledge from their invaluable experiences and insights. Together with their helpful suggestions and guidance, I now feel empowered with fresh, creative ideas and am more confident and excited than ever to start designing!”

Keeping the Broward College family connected, through the meeting with former Editor-in-Chief Sage Kelly, ensures that the whole P’an Ku team can make the 60th anniversary issue as special as possible to celebrate the magazine’s history.


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