You Can Support Future Heroes in Our Community

This May, we are celebrating everyday heroes in our local community. In South Florida, many of these heroes – educators, health care professionals, public safety professionals, and veterans are Broward College alumni and graduates.

Many of us have our own story about how a pivotal member of the community who attended Broward College has touched our lives.  These individuals enrolled as students with a longing to do something meaningful. Hard work and ambition drive students through the coursework, but many hesitate to apply or are unable to graduate due to financial insecurity or hardship.

By Making A Gift to the American Dream Scholarship



Please consider joining us in making an impact in uplifting the community through education and the development of its future heroes at Broward College by making a gift to the American Dream Scholarship.

The American Dream Scholarship helps students who are 75% completed with their degree with limited access to other financial aid sources to help fill the difference between what these students can contribute and what the state provides.

This scholarship helps students in the final stretch of their educational journey reach the finish line. Will you consider helping them start their careers and be heroes in the community?

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