The Osprey Awards is the college’s annual employee recognition event that celebrates the achievements and talents of the college community. Broward College employees are the College’s greatest advocates, actively promoting our values, supporting our mission and making Broward College a force for good in the world. We are grateful for the employees who extend their contribution to include philanthropy by making a personally significant gift each year.

At the Osprey Awards, employees who contributed for 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years to the employee giving program were recognized for their efforts and generosity. Congratulations to our fellow colleagues recognized this year.

25 Years

  • Janice Stubbs

15 Years

  • Raj Mettai                                     Donica Young                            Janet Similien
  • Richard Louis                               Jose Lopez                                 Kathryn Almquist
  • Wendy Varela

10 Years

  • René Kamisetty                            Irma Avila                                  Glenda Thomas
  • Debbie Maxwell                           Lisa Smith-Dada                       Christine Honeycutt
  • Nathan Sade                                Frank Kurz

5 Years

  • Anthea Pennant-Wallace            Brittany Valera                        Elisa Stone
  • Jill Horowitz                                  Geraldine Klonarides              Bibi Karim
  • Carolyn Barr                                 Karen Lee Murphy                  Alicia Smith Wroble
  • Patsy Lenox                                  Leo Stouder                             Christianne Casper
  • Lourdes Rodriguez-Florido

This marks the fourth year that Broward College employees have been recognized for philanthropic contributions as part of the Osprey Awards, and 97 faculty and staff members have been celebrated to date. Thank you for your efforts in building a culture of philanthropy at the College. Your dedication shows our students, alumni, and our community the impact that can be made through generosity.


Andrew Dutka, Assistant Professor & Librarian, and Scott Rivinius, AVP for Development, both past Years of Giving recipients at the Osprey Awards presented Vice President for Student Services, Janice Stubbs with an award on stage to recognize her philanthropic commitment to the College through 25 Years of Giving at the 2023 Osprey Awards celebration.