After months of excited anticipation, 160 guests waited patiently in line to enter Regina’s Farm in Fort Lauderdale on the evening of November 4. At six o’clock sharp, the gates opened and the warm smiles of Regina, Pastor Silva (Regina’s husband), and their staff welcomed everyone.

Guests admired the playful and colorful scene before them as they walked in awe past the large outdoor kitchen to red checkered tables with Brazilian music playing softly in the background. Multicolored flags crisscrossed and danced in the sky above the immense farmyard, while chickens roosted undisturbed nearby. Bubbles shimmered and floated randomly, while a tractor pulling a small caboose delighted both the children and the adults who jumped aboard for a ride. These are but a few elements that fostered an enchanted and unforgettable evening.

The true attraction of Regina’s Farm is the culinary experience it offers, which has created a year’s long waitlist. Regina and her staff prepare an extraordinary number of homecooked dishes, with many based on recipes from Regina’s home region of Minas Gerais in Brazil. To start, our guests enjoyed a variety of five soups and freshly baked Brazilian cheese bread, the main course followed, and guests served themselves from large pots of homecooked stews of beef and oxtail, chicken, or grouper (to name but a few), as well as plentiful vegetarian and vegan options. For those who could manage, no less than 12 dessert options were then available to be enjoyed with traditional Brazilian coffee.

The goal of A Night Out at Regina’s Farm was both philanthropic and celebratory. Tickets and sponsorships helped raise more than $17,000 in support of the Broward College General Scholarship Fund. To mark this achievement, student leaders Angelina Castro and Jasmine Gamble provided a highlight of the evening when they spoke so eloquently about the power and impact of scholarships in their own lives.

“I am graduating this semester with my associate degree and transferring to Florida International University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. I received a scholarship during my time here and it has had such a huge impact on me. I am a student who pays out of pocket so the opportunity I was given through the scholarship is invaluable. A student cannot reach their full potential in higher education if they do not have the money to create a sustainable education.” – Angelina Castro

Angelina and Jasmine, Broward College students spoke at the Regina's Farm event.

Angelina Castro and Jasmine Gamble, both Broward College students spoke at the Regina’s Farm event about their experiences at the College.

“I’m graduating this summer, transferring to FAU to pursue a degree in Psychology. In a world where dreams often remain unrealized due to financial constraints, I’m an example of the transformative power of scholarship funding. The synergy between my scholarship support and my campus involvement is undeniable. Scholarships provide the financial stability needed to pursue a rich extracurricular life. I work within the Student Life department and in student government. The skills and experiences gained through these extracurricular activities translate into valuable attributes in the workforce, such as teamwork, leadership, time management, and communication skills. Scholarships provide the financial stability needed for college students, like me, to engage in a diverse range of extracurricular activities while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. ” – Jasmine Gamble

We thank all our Broward College alumni and friends who joined us for this one-of-a-kind evening, who celebrated with us, and whose generosity will support the educational dreams of Broward College students.

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