The Michael J. Grimmé Ethical Decision Making Training Program, which is part of the curriculum for Broward College students in the automotive program, was founded and funded by Michael and Pam Grimmé to honor their son, who died in a tragic car accident caused by a technician who “cut corners.”

Clockwise from top left: Prof. Joshua Kimber, General Education Task Force Chair, Philosophy Professor Pedro Oliveira, and Mike Grimmé discuss the program.

On Wednesday, October 14, Mike and Pam addressed automotive technician classes on the Judson A. Samuels South Campus and told how one unprincipled mechanic changed their family’s lives forever when their 17-year-old son lost control of his car on I-95.

“I think having an Ethics program is a top priority and is amazing that we have it offered to us,” said automotive student Jaelyn Reyes. “Thank you for allowing us to get a good view on what Ethics is and how we would us it in the work field.”

“I’d like to thank you all for making this possible,” added Elio Farias, a student in the Aviation Management program.

Part II of the Ethical Decision Making Program took place on October 21. Both sessions included a cross section of more than two dozen students from both the automotive and aviation programs. Throughout the two live video webinars, students engaged by commenting in the chat rooms, and they were permitted to speak directly with the faculty while in-session.

The Grimmés’ intent is to recruit other philanthropic partners to expand ethical training across other programs at Broward College.