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She Beat the Odds

Cara Malave


Cara Malave lives in a multi-generational household in a low-to moderate income neighborhood.

Many of her high school classmates dropped out of school, got pregnant, became addicted to drugs or died. Several family members became seriously ill and she worked three jobs to help support her family. The money she had earned disqualified her for state assistance.

“I am the first person in my family to earn an Associate in Arts degree but my educational path has not always been an easy road to travel. I learned about life and responsibility the hard way.

Living in a multi-generational household in a low-to-moderate income neighborhood, many of my high school classmates dropped out, got pregnant, became addicted to drugs or died. I always knew that higher education was the key to a better life for my family and me. But a month into my studies at Broward College, my mother, grandmother and great-grandfather were diagnosed with cancer, so I had to drop out of college and work to help support and care for my family. While I juggled three jobs, we still struggled to make ends meet. When I was finally able to return to college, the money I’d earned to support my family disqualified me for traditional state and federal financial assistance.

Thanks to scholarships I received through the Broward College Foundation, I am able to pursue my dream of a higher education. I received my A.A. degree in May of 2010 and am now in one of Broward College’s new programs pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management degree.

My dream of higher education was fostered by my grandmother, who always told me ‘Cara, you can be SOMEBODY. Get your college degree no matter how long it takes. I know you can do it.’ Attending Broward College has given me tremendous self-confidence and has taught me invaluable skills that I will rely upon for the rest of my life.

With help from the Broward College Foundation donors who invested in me and my education, and with my grandmother’s words echoing in my mind, I’m doing it!”

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Fort Lauderale, Fla., November 11, 2011 -- In precisely one hour, and with the help of Challenge partners, the Broward College American Dream Luncheon raised more than $600,000 for student scholarships. More than six hundred community leaders gathered at the Signature Grand on Novmber 3 to meet hardworking Broward College students who are achieving their American Dreams of education.