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Scholarship Fuels his Desire to Succeed



“I was born in Kingston, Jamaica and from a very young age, my parents placed an emphasis on getting me the best education possible. At age 5, I attended Jamaica’s most prestigious learning institute- Ardenne Prep School. In fourth grade, my family and I moved to America and while the difference in educational systems was overwhelming at first, I soon got back on track.

I attended Crystal Lakes Middle School and eventually progressed to the magnet program at Blanche Ely High School. I became complacent and at one point, I had a 1.0 grade point average and was booted from this magnet program. Eventually, I brought my grade point average to a 2.89, but when applying to colleges, I faced many rejections from many Florida institutions. That did not stop my desire to excel and I enrolled in Broward College.

I am presently studying history at Broward College and am proud to share one of my greatest achievements is attaining a 3.75 grade point average. Broward College has taught me that school is not just about grades. I have also learned to give back to the community. Thus far, I have volunteered at Broward County’s North Regional Library and have contributed to the college’s Terracycle sustainability program. In addition, you can find me weeding and primping one of many gardens around Broward College’s beautiful North Campus. I bask in opportunities to socialize with my peers in Broward College’s Honors Institute and the Omega Phi chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.

While the future is filled with much uncertainty, my career path is certain. I plan to become a history professor just like the professors who tutor me now. Being a student in Broward College’s diverse population will definitely prepare me for this career. When I succeed in achieving my goal, I know I will not have done it alone. With the help of the Dr. Willis Holcombe Scholarship, family, teachers and friends, I will grow ever closer to my fulfilling my destiny.”

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In 2002, when Professor Deborah Kondelik learned her co-worker, friend and theatre colleague was stricken with cancer, she wanted to create a lasting testament to his steadfast devotion to the students of Broward College. She began organizing a gala celebration to honor Dr. Richard Hinners at the Fine Arts Theatre on Central Campus and in addition to Hinners’ current students, Professor Kondelik contacted as many of his former students as she could locate. The evening of the event, students came from around the world to share memorable stories of their experiences with “Doc” and the theatre’s green room was named in honor of him. In addition to commemorative gifts, Dr. Hinners received a personalized director’s chair from then Broward College President Dr. Willis Holcombe. Dr. Hinners was thrilled, and told Professor Kondelik “it was, without a doubt, the best night of my entire life.”