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In the Summer of 1949

Lou & May Jean Wolff


In the summer of 1949, a young architecture student from the University of Florida arrived at Scott Air Force base in Belleville, Illinois, for ROTC training.

While there he called a friend of a friend, who invited him to a party where he met a beautiful young woman.

They stayed in touch, and the following summer he went back to Illinois … and found his girlfriend had met someone else.

Not being one to give up on finding the perfect woman, he continued to stay in touch and attend parties … and he fell in love with an even more beautiful woman – his girlfriend’s sister!

After graduating in 1952, the young man married the young woman. Three weeks later, he was sent overseas to Germany to serve as an officer in the United States Air Force. His bride followed him.

After he had served two years, the couple moved to Miami to be near family. Eventually they found their way to Fort Lauderdale and raised four children.

The young architect’s career took off. As his practice grew, the couple began their philanthropic journey.

One day a professor invited the architect to Broward Community College to meet a group of architecture students and to learn about the college’s impact on our community.

The architect liked what he saw, and he agreed to serve on a scholarship panel. He was so inspired by the passion and talent of the students that when the college ran short of funds to award a scholarship, the architect wrote a check.

The talented architect made his mark on our community, designing notable projects such as the KenAnn Building and Broward College’s Omni Auditorium.

But when asked about the legacy that gives them the greatest joy, the couple says it is the 150 students whose lives have forever been changed because of an endowed scholarship established through their generosity.

Lou and May Jean Wolff are that philanthropic duo.

The Wolff’s giving supports student scholarships and Broward College’s nursing program. Their most recent gift to the college will fund state-of-the-art medical training technology used to teach nursing students who will, in turn, save lives in our community.

Watching our community flourish is very important to Lou and May Jean. Recently, the Association of Fundraising Professionals honored them for their support of Broward College and other worthwhile causes by recognizing them as Outstanding Philanthropists.

Lou and May Jean know they likely will never meet many of the people they’re helping. When someone helps nursing students succeed, they’re not just helping those individuals – they’re helping all the people those nurses will treat during their careers.

The Wolffs often say they feel very blessed to be able to help in the ways they do. Because of Lou and May Jean, Broward College, its students and our community have also been very blessed.

(l-r) Dr. David Serrano and Floyd Lopez

Two Broward College students, Floyd Lopez and Sean Moore, received 2014 summer internships with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The projects assigned to Lopez and Moore included researching the efficacy of existing Malaria and Chagas disease prevention methods. Dr. David Serrano, Assistant Professor and Environmental Program Manager at Broward College, said their work has the potential to save countless lives. Broward College was the only Florida institution with students in this division of the CDC and only one of three nationwide. This opportunity for our students was funded by the Broward College Foundation.