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Dreams are possible


Brother and sister duo Braulio and Vianca Hashimoto are living out the epitome of the American Dream as hardworking, first-generation students at Broward College.

The Hashimotos, of Japanese descent, emigrated with their parents from Lima, Peru, when they were 10 and 8, respectively. Now at 25 and 23, they both have earned associate degrees – walking the graduation stage at Broward College together. The two, often confused as twins, now work in banking while completing their bachelor’s degrees at the College.

“When I was a senior year in high school, I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d go to college. But, after working a year in construction after high school, I knew I had to go to college. I chose Broward College because it’s affordable, reachable, prestigious and down to business.” – Braulio Hashimoto

Hashimoto Siblings

Vianca Hashimoto and her brother Braulio

Braulio earned an Associate Degree in Marketing and a Business Specialist Certification from Broward College and is now pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

Vianca also was unsure about her future as she approached high school graduation. “I didn’t have a clue about what I wanted to do,” she said. “But after sitting down with my family and receiving feedback, I knew I needed to go to college to get experience and an education. From then on, education has been my priority. I don’t see it as earning a degree, but more about earning knowledge.”

In addition to acquiring book knowledge, Vianca has had the opportunity to explore her creativity. She earned an Associate Degree in Art, her longtime passion. “I absolutely love to have the freedom to open my mind and create new things, to explore and be fearless,” she said. “Art is a form of freedom and it helps me to relax as well. Love it!”

Like her brother, Vianca now is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and is excited to “be back home.” at Broward College.


“It is a high-quality community college that is affordable, which offers absolutely amazing flexible schedules for students who work, like me. Being a Broward College alumna gives me a feeling of accomplishment because from this experience, I’ve been able to continue to achieve my goals.” – Vianca Hashimoto

Hashimoto Siblings

With their family, the Hashimoto siblings celebrating their first graduation from Broward College in 2017

Like Vianca, Braulio also looks ahead to a bright, successful future. “My biggest dream is to become a millionaire and be financially independent by age 30 – plus I hope to have my parents retired before they turn 50,” said Braulio. “I know that in this amazing country which I call home, dreams are possible if you are willing to put in the work.”

“As a first-gen student, it’s been a great opportunity to attend such an amazing college – I feel so blessed,” added Vianca. “Because of Broward College, I’ve gained experience that will forever be with me, experience that I hope to eventually pass on to another person.”


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