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I Turned My Life Around

Andre Crawford


Andre Crawford, who grew up in Hollywood, always loved music, thanks to his father, a musician.

But Andre would be the first to say he wasn’t much of a student in high school. He was the class clown, who blew off his homework, skipped school and regularly was called to the dean’s office.

And with a 1.4 grade point average, he almost didn’t graduate.

“In my senior year of high school, I decided to buckle down, stop being stupid and actually take my life seriously,” Andre said. He looked into Broward College and found it taught jazz as part of its music program.

“Music has always been my passion, ever since I was little,” Andre said. “I always knew that music was the only thing that I saw myself doing. I chose jazz studies because it’s classified as the hardest genre to play, so I chose it to become a better musician. I figured if I can play jazz I can play anything. Plus now I love it.”

He noted that Broward College also was affordable, an important factor in his choice. His finances were further eased by the award of two scholarships, the Ralph E. Anderson Scholarship and the Emil & Natalie Meyersfield Scholarship. He also works on campus as a jazz librarian, pulling together sheet music for fellow jazz students, setting up jazz events and handling performance day details.

“Broward College provided me with the knowledge of how music really works, by making music theory accessible to me. I wouldn’t be where I am musically today without Broward College. This school provided me with what it takes so I know I can make a career out of music.”

Being part of Broward College’s music program – with dedicated teachers and fellow musically inspired students – also influenced him in a positive way.

“Just being in this type of environment pushes me to be better,” Andre said. “At Broward College, I now have a 3.27 GPA, which is more than double than what I had in high school! I turned my life around and realized I can’t be as effective in music without a solid education.”

Andre is slated to earn his Associate of Arts in Jazz Piano in the summer of 2018. He plans to transfer to Michigan State in the fall to continue his studies.

“Because of Broward College, I have the opportunity to transfer to a university and move on to better things,” he said. “If I hadn’t come to Broward College I would just be another average musician. I strive to be the best! And this school has given me the platform and foundation to do just that.”

Andre Crawford (right) with members of the Broward College Jazz Ensemble


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