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Teresa Monsue, PhD, A.A. ’97

NASA Postdoctoral Fellow (NPP-USRA)

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Teresa Monsue earned an A.A. in Astronomy at Broward College. She then continued her education and earned a B.S. in Physics from Florida Atlantic University, a Master’s in Physics from Fisk University, and a Doctor of Philosophy, Physics from Vanderbilt University. Dr. Monsue started at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center as a Harriet G. Jenkins NASA Fellow, Graduate Student Researcher and then became a Post-Doctoral Researcher (contractor), The Catholic University of America (SDO - NASA GSFC) and a NASA Postdoctoral Fellow (NPP-USRA). As an Astro/Helio Physicist she works with data from high cadence TESS and Swift observations to study flares on other stars and to observe any oscillations produced by flares.