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Jonathan Grabis, Alumnus

Director of Operations


Alumni Spotlight

Today we celebrate Jonathan Grabis who started his post-secondary education at Broward College in 2009 and continued his studies at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Motivated by his “curiosity about the interaction between economic agents and their political behavior” he concentrated in and excelled in Economics, acquiring both his B.A. and his M.A. in Economics within a few years. Since his time at FAU, he has worked in startup and entrepreneurial environments, progressing through demanding roles which make use of his insight, training in Economics, and personal drive. He has thrived in leadership roles that allow him to collaborate with sales, marketing, customer service, and product teams to create a unified customer journey and sustainable growth. About his time at Broward College, Jonathan says: “Broward College was the door for me to take the next step in my education. I was not successful my first time around at college and Broward College helped me get back on track to set me up for future academic and professional success."