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Joanna Ruiz, Dual Enrollment, Class of 2021


Yale University


Alumni Spotlight

A former dual enrollment student at Broward College, Joanna Ruiz has long been passionate about music and the power of advocacy. She is currently an undergraduate at Yale University pursuing a double major in American Studies and Music. Her love for music grew during her time as a saxophone and oboe player for South Broward High School's marching, jazz, and concert band where she came to realize that “music—and art as a whole—can be a powerful tool for inspiring change and creating safe spaces for children and adults alike. Music has the power to reach hearts and souls beyond geographical limitations, and thus, it can be used and should be used as a platform for good.” Complementing her artistic passions, Joanna has been an active champion for uplifting families and communities like her own, something that she believes is rooted in “growing up as a first-generation, low-income student.” Over the years she has worked and volunteered with nonprofits, political/advocacy groups, and school clubs and societies where she gained invaluable leadership experience. Joanna aspires to work with music and art nonprofits and also wants to explore a career in music publishing, music supervision, or audio engineering. About her time at Broward College, Joanna says “As a first-generation college student, the thought of taking college courses was always very intimidating. Being able to take them in my community while in high school with students who share this same experience gave me the confidence I needed to thrive in university and beyond!" In addition to her studies at Yale University, Joanna is an intern with the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood.