Dr. Jason Prendergast, LPC, MBA | Broward College Office of Advancement and Broward College Foundation
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Dr. Jason Prendergast, LPC, MBA

President & CEO

Edify Creative Counseling Group Inc


Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Jason Prendergast earned an A.A. at BC. He then earned a bachelor’s degree in Theology, an MBA at Liberty University, and a Doctor of Pastoral Psychology at Maranatha College. He is the President & CEO of Edify Creative Counseling Group Inc. Dr. Jason is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, a Certified Temperament Therapist, and a Prepare/Enrich Facilitator, specializing in premarital and marriage counseling. He is also Director of University Counseling & Support Services at Florida Memorial University where he provides Individual, Group, Family, Relationship and Marriage Counseling and Therapy Services.