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Andrea Velazquez, Dual Enrollment, Class of 2021

Undergraduate Student, University of Southern California


Alumni Spotlight

Demonstrating a passion for science and math in high school and at BC where she attended as a Dual Enrollment student, Andrea also pursued other interests and social justice work. The latter is something that she has a personal connection to: “I am currently involved in social advocacy work regarding immigrants' rights-- as an immigrant myself, I find this work rewarding. I am a volunteer and activist leader for the Floridians for Immigrants' Justice Campaign with the ACLU of Florida.” A sophomore at the University of Southern California and a recipient of a prestigious Cooke College Scholarship (a four-year scholarship) from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, she was one of 11 Florida high school students to receive this honor in 2021! She’s working towards a Bachelor's in Science with a major in Quantitative Biology. In the future, she is interested in using mathematical modeling and data analysis to explore hereditary disease "particularly those in the cardiology area, in historically underrepresented populations." About her time at BC, Andrea says, “Taking classes at Broward College was crucial for me to solidify my major choice-- I had the chance to take very interesting math and biology classes, which made me fall in love with the interdisciplinary nature of my current major, quantitative biology! It also helped me prepare for the challenges that lied ahead when it comes to forming good study and time-management habits, leading me to success during my first year at University of Southern California. I'm immensely grateful for the professors and staff at BC because as a first-generation college student, I can say that having the opportunity to take classes at BC before going into a 4-year institution made my transition from high school to college significantly less intimidating and more enjoyable as I was aware of the expectations. Thank you!”