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Davidson Nzekwe-Daniel

Fabrication Engineer

GA Telesis


Alumni Spotlight

Davidson Nzekwe-Daniel earned a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Benin in Nigeria, a M.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering at Swansea University in the United Kingdom, and an A.S. in Aviation Maintenance Management at Broward College. He is a Fabrication Engineer at GA Telesis. Some of his tasks as a Fabrication Engineer include managing the fabrication program, coordinating with external engineering/manufacturing companies, creating technical drawings for airplane parts, and more. He is also the founder of a non-profit, the Davidson Initiative, which supports students in the aviation community by adopting a bespoke approach in equipping them with the necessary instruments they require to achieve academic success and to transition effortlessly into the industry. https://www.davidsoninitiative.org/