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Alumni Spotlights


We are very proud of our alumni and their accomplishments. Each month, we will be highlighting alumni from hundreds of careers that Broward College has offered since our opening in 1960. If you, or someone you know would like to be featured, please click here to submit your information.

Chris Caputo

Chief Strategist

Development Partners


Alumni Spotlight

Chris is an industry leader in software development, data analytics and marketing strategies. A 20-year resident, he is deeply connected to our community. He got his start at BC, and went on to earn his B.S.B.A. at NY Institute of Technology and his MBA at FAU.

Jacques Bikoundou, MS

Block Chain Strategist/Data Scientist

Logos Capital and Freelance


Alumni Spotlight

Jacques earned his A.A. degree from BC, his B.S. from FAU, and another B.S. and his Master's degree from TESU and says "The education I received at Broward College together with the personalized advisement benefited me tremendously while living in an ever changing world."

Amos Ford

Director of Production



Alumni Spotlight

"Broward College has helped my career tremendously, not only by providing me with a great education, but also with continued career support and opportunities to give back to the BC community."

Carlos Febrero

Senior Software Engineer

Amadeus IT Group


Alumni Spotlight

Thanks to BC, I was able to achieve my professional goals, from improving my English skills in the EAP program to obtaining my bachelor's degree in IT, BC helped me to obtain the right skills and the right training to face the real world.

Blas Montezano III

Founder & CEO

Tillage Tech


Alumni Spotlight

BC was my foundation to everything I am. My time there was more than getting a degree, it was building my arsenal of knowledge that was able to fuel my success in life. Thank you, BC!