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Alumni Spotlights


We are very proud of our alumni and their accomplishments. Each month, we will be highlighting alumni from hundreds of careers that Broward College has offered since our opening in 1960. If you, or someone you know would like to be featured, please click here to submit your information.

Peter Shepard


Tropic Ocean Airways


Alumni Spotlight

“Since I was a child I used to dream of helping those affected after a natural disaster. It took seven years of preparation and I was able to make that dream a reality with the help of my Powerplant License from BC. My wife and I have helped thousands of families providing them with clean water, new roofs, and hope.”

Bob Birdsong

President and CEO

OK Generators


Alumni Spotlight

Starting at BC taking dual enrollment classes, Bob earned his Bachelor’s in both Nuclear Engineering and Electrical Engineering, and spent 10 years in the US Navy. OK Generators provides and maintains essential generators. Bob plays a vital role as one of our community's top advisors and philanthropists.

Courtney Crain




Alumni Spotlight

I travel the world as a 747 pilot for UPS. Attending Broward College was a life-changing move that helped facilitate my transition as a flight attendant to ending up in the cockpit of a jumbo jet.